Colour Me Happy

Marcus Smith

Marcus’ personal series ‘Colour Me Happy’,  featured in The Photographic Journal.

In his own words: ‘I do a ton of commercial work for brands that involve celebrities or professional athletes, and as much as I love it, sometimes simple ideas can quickly become complicated.  For that reason, I find it incredibly important to do a shoot or take on a project where there’s little to no input coming from elsewhere.  That’s simply what this shoot was, a simple expression of creative freedom and happiness.

I’m very much drawn to the drama of movement and energy, so I was very specific about casting a model that felt comfortable moving and making odd/different shapes with her body.  I’m also very much aware of the story I’m telling through the use color whether it be the wardrobe or background colors and how they work together to convey a particular feeling.  I was in a really positive and happy mood during this shoot because I had the opportunity to create in such a free and unfiltered way.  I hope that emotion comes through when you view the images. ‘ Find the full story here.