Giles and Mary from Gogglebox

Dan Burn-Forti

A shoot best explained by Dan himself…

“What a totally barking, quintessentially British, grouchy but charming couple Giles and Mary were. “My dress is on back to front!” said Mary, as we tried to set up our equipment whilst navigating piles of books and pictures and dusty VHS’s. Things got tense when they fought over which of Giles’s paintings should be on the wall. I tried diplomacy but realised that they would have to argue it through, although no idea who actually won. But once we began they were perfectly behaved, with only the dog being uncooperative. Once we’d finished however, things got a little heated as Giles was hungry and needed his eggs but the TV chaps had arrived a bit early.  After Mary had convinced him that shouting abuse at them out of the bedroom window just wasn’t on, we said our goodbyes and drove off into that crazy apocalyptic sky of a few weeks back.