Remembering Our Youth

Neil Bedford

Remembering Our Youth is a powerful personal project responding to isolation.

In his own words – Whilst I was out walking I began to start seeing rainbows pop up before I knew what they were and started taking photographs of them whilst out on my daily hours walk around the local village. I later discovered what they were and have carried on since to show to my Mum as she’s away at the moment. I love the idea of these children communicating to one another through art and drawing, it really has had an effect on me. In a world where we live with iPads, iPhones and all sorts of weird and wonderful devices that children are glued to, this was their idea of showing the world it will have a bright and beautiful future. My niece counts all the new ones going up daily as she takes her walk, exciting her so much. It’s not only making children be creative, but it’s also making children look around the world and area they live in, noticing new things and being excited during a time that it would be very easy for them to be frightened. I know it’s a cliche to say ’that generation is the future’ but it really is. They are seeing and understanding the World on a totally new level and hopefully it’s something that will stick with them once this is all over and everyone is safe again.