Seesaw is a photographic series communicating the varied extremities of the COVID-19 pandemic, depicted through the medium of self-portraits.

The images explore themes of mental health, relationships, and the negative social issues that have come with the virus, including stockpiling, isolation and public restrictions, along with the surprising upsides that accompany this time period.

The collection is presented through a vast array of colour palettes; fluctuating from bright, vivid hues to bold black and white imagery; an honest reflection of the contrasting emotions individuals are experiencing in this difficult time.

This ongoing series explores intimate, engaging moments, displaying the artist’s own experiences during the lockdown, in a gently surreal yet approachable style.

Mainly photographed inside or within walking distance of her home, Bex takes you on a journey through the current state of Britain, complete with honest, impactful and vivacious images.

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