Shadow Lock

Sam Hofman

Sam created this stunning new body of work with prop stylist and set designer Linnea Apelqvist. Inspired by 80’s film sets and an age before CGI, this series of  dramatic otherworldly landscapes leaves a sense of mystery and suspense.

“At first glance, the Shadow Lock series from photographer Sam Hofman may look like a rough and rocky lunar landscape, but look closer and you’ll find these dramatic and atmospheric scenes are actually made from the simplest of domestic materials.

For the project, Hofman took inspiration from early 80s film sets where impressive scenery was created by clever tricks of the eye. Drawing upon real-life natural scenery, he applied elements of its visual language to the sets, replicating textures and shapes. Together with set designer Linnea Apelqvist, he played with the viewer’s perception of scale, creating an optical illusion that instantly transports the viewer into this otherworldly landscape.

The duo turned to these particular household materials because of their behavioral similarities to the substances they would depict. Though very fragile, the structures appear strong and structural. Treacherous, craggy mountains and soft, velvety snow-scapes are brought to life, as the powder boulders and slides to carve out seemingly natural facets and channels. Everyday material is used in an extraordinary way, and the addition of rich, jewel-like colours gives the scenery a surreal glow.”

– Jenny Brewer