The Bubble

Dan Burn-Forti

Check out some observational shots from Dan’s recent trip to Tel Aviv. In his own words…

“In June I was asked, for the third year in a row, to shoot the portraits for the annual Wired Magazine Hot Startups Supplement. You know, internet and that. And, as with the last two, it meant a mental one week plane-athon, visiting 4 countries and snapping various clever bods along the way.  This year’s bunch was Berlin, Stockholm, Paris and Tel Aviv. Now Berlin, Paris and Stockholm are great, but do they have a beautiful beach or fresh fruit juice bars on every corner or miles of gorgeous people?  Indeed they do not. But Tel Aviv most certainly does. I only had a day and a bit there, but I loved it all and got a chance to take a few pictures along the way. I must admit, looking at these again, I’m not exactly selling the place here, but trust me, it’s not all plastic chairs and old folks and bananas. There’s good stuff too.”