The New Review – David Byrne

Dan Burn-Forti

Dan Burn-Forti shoots new wave legend David Byrne for The Independent on Sunday’s The New Review supplement.

“When asked to photograph David Byrne I must admit that I got all excited like a saddo fan.  The fact that I can sing every word to just about every Talking Heads song that they did and they were, and probably still are, my favourite band of all time meant that I was nervous like I never get with this celebrity portrait nonsense.  What if he was horrible?  What if I clammed up and couldn’t speak?  What if I inadvertently starting singing one of his songs?  Oh, the opportunities for disappointement were plentiful.  But as it turned out, he was exactly as I’d have wanted him to be – funny, polite, interesting and a little odd in the best possible way.  Now if I could just get to photograph David Bowie I could retire a happy man.”