The New York Times x Wild Mustangs

Maggie Shannon

Maggie collaborated with The New York Times to photograph the journey of 2 Californian children as they trained wild mustangs.

“I’ve been following two kids as they train wild mustangs for the Colt Challenge, a program that pairs California 4-H and FFA youth with Devil’s Garden wild mustangs.

The colts are 4-6 months old at pick up and the kids are given a 6 month training period that culminates in a horse show where they can display their horses’ progress through completing an obstacle course and showmanship competition. I had the pleasure of following Ben Silveira (10) and Libby Gonzales (13) from Turlock, California as they trained their mustangs during the 6 month period.

Seeing the wonder in the kids as they met their horses for the first time and the compassion and patience they learned through training them was incredible to see. This was such a special story to work on!​​​​​​​”

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