Alexander continues to point his lens towards the incidental moments of every day life.

Huda Beauty

A new moving image piece featuring Huda Beauty’s Power Bullet Matte Lipstick, with set design by Sarianne Plaisant and post production by The Forge.


Marcus collaborated with, choreographer and dancer, Rena Butler for this personal series. Watch the accompanying moving image here.  We got to really vibe out, and just have a good time shooting with no real goal in mind except to have fun. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a ‘one man show’ type of shoot, and it was a reminder of how rewarding and stressful the early days were when I literally had to do everything myself. Kind of cool, but the suit Rena’s wearing was my birthday gift to myself this year but I didn’t get to wear it due to being stuck in the house. It’s a cool suit, but Rena made it look way cooler than I could make it look. Sound on for maximum effect!


Seesaw is a photographic series communicating the varied extremities of the COVID-19 pandemic, depicted through the medium of self-portraits. The images explore themes of mental health, relationships, and the negative social issues that have come with the virus, including stockpiling, isolation and public restrictions, along with the surprising upsides that accompany this time period. The collection is presented through a vast array of colour palettes; fluctuating from bright, vivid hues to bold black and white imagery; an honest reflection of the contrasting emotions individuals are experiencing in this difficult time. This ongoing series explores intimate, engaging moments, displaying the artist’s own experiences during the lockdown, in a gently surreal yet approachable style. Mainly photographed inside or within walking distance of her home, Bex takes you on a journey through the current state of Britain, complete with honest, impactful and vivacious images.

The New York Times – Roscoe Mitchell

Marcus photographed jazz legend, Roscoe Mitchell for The New York Times. As Roscoe is shielding Marcus shot this entire story through the window of his sunroom, the room where his creativity happened. Meanwhile, Marcus balancing himself on the top of a 12ft ladder. Read the full story here. 

Court Return

Olly captured the spirit of lockdown easing through these abstract stills, shot on a beautiful morning in South East London. I’m not sure who was enjoying it more, the guys being able to play and express themselves after the hiatus or me being able to capture them.

Summer Colours

Tais captured every day objects inspired by the colours of summer.

The New York Times – Holly Humberstone

Alexander photographed the young British singer, who writes conversationally intimate pop music, Holly Humberstone for The New York Times. Holly Humberstone Wants Her Songs to Last a Lifetime. Read the full story here.

Sisley x Gucci

Sam’s personal series in collaboration with set designer Sarianne Plaisant and retouching by The Forge.


Ellice created this bright series of illustrations for HP in collaboration with T brand studio about ways to continue collaborating with your colleagues whilst working from home.

Takeaway Vehicles

Check out this fun series of illustrations from Andrew, inspired by supporting your local takeaway restaurants, big & small!

CGI – Divers

Jean-Yves has evolved a selection of personal work with the inclusion of CGI sets.


With time to focus  on ourselves Tais turned her attention to details.

New Scientist

Vanessa Branchi created this striking cover illustration for the latest edition of New Scientist.

The New York Times – Neha Shukla

Marcus connected virtually with 15 year old inventor, Neha Shukla. Neha started a Girls With Impact program in April and by June had a prototype for her invention — a hat that aids in social distancing.  Check out the full feature here. 

Imperial Lates Online

Jamie continues his collaboration for Imperial College, this time for Imperial Lates Online, a free after-hours adult events exploring cutting-edge science and engineering at Imperial in creative ways. Be inspired and join them for a week of discovery as their researchers share the wonder of what they do.

Illinois Lottery

Despite the challenges of these uncertain times, Marcus had the opportunity to bring his style and vision into Illinois Lottery’s latest campaign. Check out the motion campaign here.

Army ‘The Best Step up’

In collaboration with Nexus Studios, Luke Brookes created these illustrated frames for an animation for the British Army – ‘The Best Step up’. View the full animation here. Directed by: Felix Massie

The Wall Street Journal

“The New Rules of Air Travel” – series of editorial illustrations commissioned for an article about what to expect when traveling via air during the pandemic.

Wood Work

Spencer’s latest personal series. Whilst documenting life during lockdown, there were a few sub plots that emerged. A theme that seemed to be at the forefront of public discourse, after it was announced, was fitness. Being as it was the only excuse to leave the house and people found themselves with a lot more time on their hands (and perhaps the ominous presence of an approaching pandemic), the nation suddenly seemed more concerned with getting in shape than ever before and innovative ways of doing so.  Rumour has it a tradesman (carpenter or welder, depending on who I talked to) from Belarus took it upon himself to build an outdoor public gym from things he found around the woodlands of Hackney Marshes; repurposed logs and old scraps of material, when the other park apparatus were cordoned off. It quickly became a communal space for those brave enough to share a barbell in gloved, sanitised hands. As gyms are set to re-open this weekend the future of this makeshift weight room is uncertain. Perhaps the next time kids come and break a weight, it won’t get repaired and it will once again become some quiet forgotten woodland glade. Perhaps the birds and the squirrels will remember?

Open Signs

To celebrate the reopening of high street shops, American Express invited Oli Frape, Yukai Du and Timothy Hunt, to create WE’RE OPEN signs for retailers. Each has taken the humble sign – something largely taken for granted until March this year – and turned it into a way for shopkeepers to show they are ready to welcome customers once again. Retailers can hen download the signs to be used in their windows.


To celebrate the NHS and it’s 72nd birthday, we were invited by M & C Saatchi to create a series of poster templates which individuals across the UK can download, colour in and put in their windows. Thank you to Yukai Du, Ollie Hirst, Timothy Hunt and Eliot Wyatt.

Adidas Tiro

Marcus’ latest work for Adidas, all captured via FaceTime.

Club Sandwich Magazine

Alexander’s contribution to Club Sandwich Magazine’s Chocolate Issue. The Independent magazine focuses on a particular food and its cultural and societal representation in various and eclectic fashions.


Sam’s beautiful new personal series.


Captured from Elliott’s bedroom window at the same time every day, come rain or shine he is shooting.

Stylist – Paul Mescal

Tom spent a socially distant sunny day with Paul Mescal, the star of the hit BBC drama Normal People. The 24-year-old actor has become one of the most critically acclaimed and searched for actors of the moment. Read the full story here.

Grand Princess

A previously unseen story unearthed during Lockdown archiving. In Dan’s own words – The Grand Princess was launched in Istanbul and I was lucky to get to go walk it’s decks before it set sail on its maiden voyage.  Squeaky clean boat, shiny (not particularly ) happy people and a whole lot of sun.  I think, because it was the first time out for the ship, what I got to see was a little unrepresentative of the norm as I’ve seen other cruises and they’re usually dense with humanity.  The cruise bods like to stack them high, feed them up and take their money.  Hell on the open seas if you ask me.