Jasmine Hortop

Jasmine Hortop is a Cornwall based illustrator who uses her award-winning artwork to advocate for sustainability, conservation, and accessibility to the ocean and it’s health benefits.

With mediums spanning digital illustration and animation, through to murals and installations within the public realm, Jasmine tailors the creative response to the project and initiative, to create maximum impact and audience engagement. 

Her style is bright, dynamic, and flowing – highlighting the beauty of the natural world, and the human connection to it. Her work and advocacy is a direct product of her environment and lifestyle – living and working off-grid in a solar-powered art studio on wheels, and spending every day in the sea, either surfing, swimming, or free diving, embodying the mental health benefits she promotes through her work.

With 10 years industry experience working as a commercial illustrator, creating campaigns for the Scottish Government, and to target policy makers at events such as COP, Jasmine used her MA at Falmouth University to specialise in using art to create positive change, specifically within environmental and ocean based projects. Having previously collaborated with science practitioners, she developed a unique methodology that could be applied when working immersively over time within an organisation, to communicate their initiative and intricate values visually to the public realm and elevate their cause.

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