The Wade Brothers

The Wade Brothers are a creative duo working globally as photographers and directors.  |  @thewadebrothers

When The Wade Brothers pioneered the one-two knockout punch that is the director/photographer duo approach to production, they blew a hole in what we thought was possible. The shape they left behind—of two brothers working side-by-side, coordinated, creative, and unbelievably effective at what they do—forms the golden standard for commissioned work. And they’re still warming up.

What makes working with The Wade Brothers so staggeringly impressive is not just that they’re complete savvy professionals. They are collaborative, thoughtful and instinctively brilliant so that they know just where to push and how to go beyond delivery to blow every expectation out of the water.

Nor is it just that they deliver—and they do deliver. With two unified minds working every angle, one brother can cut it up from inside the action while the other perfects that glorious, cinematic hero shot, together an asset-production dynamo running faster than you can keep up to cover every angle and explore every possibility.

It’s not even their remarkable penchant for impactful storytelling that makes The Wade Brothers such standout talent—their incomparable ability to hone in on exactly what makes a brand special, then pull that out and drive it forward with an unabashedly bold, totally uncontrived vision toward a spectacularly ownable result.

No, what makes The Wade Brothers so astounding is that they manage all of that—cohesive, innovative, evocative multimedia content produced en masse with impeccable technical acumen and conceptual vision—as one unit, under one roof. With a studio and talent network of their own, they do it all; from a single majestic image shot with a legion of celebrity talent to a world-spanning multimedia campaign involving illustrators, athletes, set design and more, The Wade Brothers bring striking visuals and a distinctive voice to every story they tell.

Clients include: Audi, Bacardi, Channel 4, Chivas, Easyjet, Ford, Gatorade, Garmin, Helly Hansen,, Honda, Jameson, Oakley, Nike, The North Face, Stella Artois, Sky & Toyota.

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