Tom van Schelven

On set, Tom van Schelven likes to create a fun, high-energy atmosphere with lots of noise, and movement. This vibrancy certainly transfers into his film and photography work which has an authentic, honest feel that differentiates it from the sort of cheesy lifestyle shoots you see elsewhere.

Growing up, Tom split his time between Manchester and the Netherlands and there’s a definite element of Dutch directness in his work. He likes to strip down commissions and find the simplest way of getting the message across. Whether he’s shooting surfers for The Wall Street Journal, top actors like Samuel L Jackson, or commercial campaigns for the likes of Virgin, Sony or Renault, Tom’s effervescent imagery stands out in a crowded field.
Rather than studying photography, Tom opted instead for an on-the-job training as an assistant where he learned what he liked (a friendly, boisterous atmosphere) and what he didn’t (moody, staged and overly-serious shoots). He revels in the collaborative nature of big commercial jobs – the high expectations and the pressure that comes with creating work that will be seen by millions of people.
Clients include Airbnb, Cîroc, ESPN, Harvey Nichols, Johnnie Walker, Nikon, Reebok, Smirnoff, Sony, TfL, Topman, Virgin Holidays, Wonderland Magazine, Wrangler and Youtube.

  • Sudan Archives for Volkskrant

    Sudan Archives for Volkskrant
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  • Landon Collins for ESPN

    Tom van Schelven got these fresh shots of Giants player Landon Collins in New Jersey for ESPN online and print.
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