Ollie Hirst

Ollie is an award-winning conceptual illustrator, based in Manchester, UK. Illustration makes him tick. Though it’s not the only thing that does. He’s a cardiac pacemaker patient. So, whilst he puts his heart into drawing, it gets help from time to time.

Ollie has a natural affinity to science, tech, health and the human experience, but tends to just love subjects that resonate in the real world. He likes his work to hinge on a strong idea and the concept drives it, helped by a splash of colour. Ollie’s illustration spans across editorial & advertising, working with the likes of New Scientist, The Washington Post, WSJ, TED, Harvard Business Review, Genomics England, Boehringer Ingelheim, The Lancet, and has been recognised by The Association of Illustrators, The Directory of Illustration, Communication Arts, The World Brand Design Society and The One Club for Creativity.