Dan Burn-Forti

Dan Burn-Forti has a wry way of looking at the world that gives his work a spirit and a sense of humour that can be rare in contemporary photography.

www.burnforti.com  |  @burn4t

His animal portraits are hugely popular and he has the ability to find an original twist when photographing Hollywood legends, political figures and sports stars. In his documentary-style shots of everyday scenes, Dan captures the quiet eccentricity that seems quintessentially British. He is drawn to the strange and the ridiculous, to people, customs and situations that are bizarre, pompous or both. [/one_third]

Dan tailors his approach to the individual commission to make sure he doesn’t repeat himself. That might mean immersing himself in personal work, playing with the tension between formal and unguarded in his portraits or trying to create pockets of spontaneity within the framework of his advertising commissions.Throughout it all, his instinctive feel for light and colour and his leftfield eye for happenstance elevates even seemingly straightforward images into something very special.

Clients include: Andrex, Asda, Airbus, Bulldog Skincare, Cannes Lions, Carling, Channel 4, Coors, Domino’s, Easy Jet, HSBC, John Lewis, Klarna, Landsec, Lotto, Mini, O2, Pets at Home, Post Office, Pravha, Royal Canin, Mercedes, Santander, Sky, Sony, Trident, TFL, Tesco, Very, Virgin Media, Virgin Trains, Visa, Volkswagen and Waitrose. Association of Photography Award Winner.

Editorials include: ES Magazine, Esquire, FT Magazine, The Observer, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph.