Luke Brookes

Luke Brookes is an illustrator based in Staffordshire, UK. Adopting a narrative-driven style, Luke’s extensive portfolio has developed from a love of telling stories. His use of dramatic lighting and a restricted colour palette gives rise to vivid, graphic compositions. His work boasts an atmospheric and energetic aesthetic.  

Lighting is a tool Luke uses to define his work as much as his personable drawing style, and his adept use of pared-down palettes. He skilfully uses shadows in his illustrations to add weight but also as key components of the visual narrative.

In addition, his clients include Playboy, Variety, The Telegraph, Barrons, Politico, Virgin, Little White Lies, Culture Trip and many more.




  • Secrets and Spies

    Luke created these stunning illustrations for the newly release book, Spies! 
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  • The Telegraph

    Luke created this series of charming illustrations for this Saturday's The Telegraph, the feature explores the modern family
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Luke Brookes

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