Olly Burn

There is a nomadic spirit that emanates from Olly Burn’s images and he’s travelled to many of the world’s most interesting places for his work – from a Mars research facility in Utah to the drought savaged Somaliland planes. Olly is particularly interested in telling stories through the interaction of people and places.  

Having grown up in the Cotswolds, studied in Falmouth and now living in South London, Olly uses locations as key players in his work, and they become part of the story rather than just being a backdrop. By doing this, Olly breathes new life into genres that feel familiar, often pushing commissions into exciting new territory through his spontaneous way of working. 

There’s a youthful energy about his image-making too and an honesty that characterises his style.

Olly’s work has recently been displayed in the Science Gallery in Dublin and featured in Portrait of Humanity.

Clients include Adidas, Airbnb, Age UK, Asics, British Airways, Gatorade, Esquire, GQ, Lexus, Lipton, Men’s Health, New Balance, Nike, Nikon, Oakley, Puma, Samsonite, Samsung, Sony, Superdry, The North Face, Toyota, Under Armour and Vodafone.


  • GUAP - DIY

    The youth-led new media platform Guap featured Olly's personal series DIY. 
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  • Court Return

    Olly captured the spirit of lockdown easing through these abstract stills, shot on a beautiful morning in South East London.
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  • Under Armour - Anthony Joshua

    Olly's striking film of professional boxer Anthony Joshua for Under Armour’s live to train collection.
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  • Samsonite

    Olly shot Samsonite's first global integrated advertising campaign Born To Go
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  • Nike Shanghai

    Olly's latest campaign stills for Nike China, featuring radiant illustrations!
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Olly Burn

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