Marcus collaborated with, choreographer and dancer, Rena Butler for this moving image piece. Check out the accompanying stills here.  We got to really vibe out, and just have a good time shooting with no real goal in mind except to have fun. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a ‘one man show’ type of shoot, and it was a reminder of how rewarding and stressful the early days were when I literally had to do everything myself. Kind of cool, but the suit Rena’s wearing was my birthday gift to myself this year but I didn’t get to wear it due to being stuck in the house. It’s a cool suit, but Rena made it look way cooler than I could make it look. Sound on for maximum effect!


The Masons latest moving image piece. Check out the accompanying stills here. We wanted to focus on skin and the beauty and detail of melanin but also it’s a story of a young black boy – being confident, a black king in the making, shining the light on the beauty of his dark skin, embracing his innocence, vulnerability, strength & thoughtfulness. Mixing his playfulness with the challenging reality of the world for a young black boy whilst drawing his strengths from his culture and a belief in himself. An emotional journey of a young black king.

Huda Beauty

A new moving image piece featuring Huda Beauty’s Power Bullet Matte Lipstick, with set design by Sarianne Plaisant and post production by The Forge.

Illinois Lottery

Despite the challenges of these uncertain times, Marcus had the opportunity to bring his style and vision into Illinois Lottery’s latest campaign. Find the stills campaign here.

Wonderland Magazine – AWA

In collaboration with Wonderland Magazine Elliott directed a film featuring musician AWA! Find the accompanying stills here.

Puma – Lewis Hamilton

Elliott directed the new Puma performance campaign featuring Lewis Hamilton! Find the accompanying stills here!

Also Journal

Moving Image piece Ashley for Also Journal. Find the accompanying stills series here.

Elle – Nontobeko

The Nontobeko moving image piece for Elle Magazine’s February Issue. Check out the accompanying stills here.

Under Armour – Anthony Joshua

Olly’s striking film of professional boxer Anthony Joshua for Under Armour’s live to train collection, designed to balance life on & off duty. Find the accompanying stills here.

Benedetti Life

Moving image piece London Flair for luxury fashion label Benedetti Life. Check out the full stills series here.

TMRW Magazine

The moving image piece for TMRW Magazine featuring Pia Kristine Cruz. See the accompanying stills here.

In Flight

Tom’s striking new personal series In Flight captures a troupe of acrobats backflipping over sand dunes and tumbling through the air in the desert. The project was produced in Cape Town by Nomad Productions. “I wasn’t trying to shoot them at the apex of the backflip, it was more the moment slightly before and slightly afterward, when not everything is perfect in terms of expression or movement.” The series has been featured on WePresent! Find the full article here and the accompanying stills here.

Eurotrill & Emperatriz

A moving image piece featuring musical artists Eurotrill & Emperatriz. See the accompanying stills here.

Molton Brown – Geranium Nefertum

Sam shot the moving image and accompanying stills for Molton Brown’s New Geranium Nefertum collection . The Fragrance inspire’s an abstract, androgynous sophistication, daring to be at ease with something that is not usual, which is undoubtedly reflected in the beautiful campaign.


The New World film for global media brand Nataal, who celebrate contemporary African fashion, music, arts and society. Check out the accompanying stills here.

Nike BeTrue

Marcus directed the Nike BeTrue Campaign in honour of this year’s pride celebrations. The campaign features significant sport LGBTQ+names, with the likes of Caster Semenya, Sue Bird, Chris Mosier, Brittney Griner,  Kerron Clement. In his own words – As I’ve become more wise, I’ve learned it can be detrimental to your mental health to place validation in the hands of brands, magazines, platforms, or other people in general. True validation has to come from the inside because no matter how many milestones you reach, there will always be a new one. At the same time, the occasional external validation feels good. Seeing my photos of Caster Semenya hugely plastered on the main building on Nike’s campus in Portland is extreme validation, but also a sign that I have more to give and I’m not done yet!  Find the accompanying stills here.


A personal moving image piece. Find the accompanying stills here.


Sam’s latest personal series in collaboration with set designer Zena Hendrick and post production by The Forge. In his own words: ”A personal project investigating the hypnotic nature of perpetual motion,  allowing objects to be seen from multiple viewpoints whilst remaining in one point. ”


This documentary style film Hen, examines how gender stereotypes have affected the older transgender community and which questions how we define gender and if, as a society, we even should. See the accompanying stills series here. 


The film Dario for Desire Homme Magazine. Find the accompanying stills here.


Dan’s showreel exhibiting his characteristically quirky moving image.

Uptown Yardie

Moving image for Uptown Yardie, the independent British shoe and lifestyle brand influenced by Jamaican heritage. Check out the campaign stills here.