10 Fleet Place

Janne produced a series of illustrations commissioned for 10 Fleet Place EC4, a landmark office development in the heart of midtown London. The aim was to highlight the facilities and various perks of the building and it’s location.

New Signing!

We warmly welcome James Andrews to the roster! James’ style embraces clean bold lines and bright colours, and often humour! He’s abstract work is inspired by everyday life with a twist. He has worked with a wide selection of editorial clients.


Eliot was commissioned to create this smiley series of illustrations for the latest issue of Aftenposten!

Corporate Financier

Vanessa created this striking cover illustration for the latest edition of Corporate Financier Magazine.


A brand new ad campaign for property agent, Orchard has now launched across the US. Brad created a series of charming lifestyle illustrations depicting various home buyers in different settings highlighting the services they have to offer.


Brand new work from Jake Williams for Which? – Money and Mental Health.

Baltimore Magazine

Bett created these charming illustrations for the latest edition of Baltimore Magazine!


How to deal with an ANGRY child? Recent work for Norwegian newspaper Afterposten.

NYT x Celonis

Makers Company were commissioned by T Brand Studio/The New York Times to create a series of animated banner illustrations for a paid partnership with Celonis. HOW TO GET AN ESSENTIAL PRODUCT TO MARKET, STAT As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in 2020, companies around the world rushed to find new ways to operate. Here’s how one manufacturer transformed to make a new product and get it to market as quickly as possible.

The Times x Genomics England

Ollie teamed up with The Times for their recent collaboration with Genomics England to create these stunning illustrations for the feature in the Sunday Times!


Yukai Du was commissioned by Facebook to create the first illustration for their #stopasianhate campaign running throughout April.   “Since the start of the pandemic, hate crimes toward the Asian community have increased by 150%. For the past 30 years, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC have dedicated their efforts to advocating for civil rights. We stand in solidarity with the Asian community and organizations like Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC as they work to prevent violence and train allies through bystander intervention workshops. Learn more about what you can do to stop Asian hate and support Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC here: https://bit.ly/3dp13p4 “


Edward teamed up with The Crown & Co and created a series of header illustrations for Opto – the official magazine of CMC Markets.

The Lancet April

Ollie created this stunning cover art for the April edition of The Lancet!  

Irene Studios

Jamie created a series of illustrations advertising a new housing development in Balham. These illustrations are part of the ‘Art of Modern Living’ campaign.  

Wall Street Journal

Jake teamed up with Wall Street Journal on this advertorial campaign in partnership with Service Now. See the illustrations in full animated article here

LinkedIn x The Female Lead

Natalia teamed up with LinkedIn and The Female Lead to create these gorgeous illustrations of empowered women for Women’s History Month!


Luke recently teamed up with Wardour Publishing and created an illustration for award-winning RSA Journal – a quarterly publication, featuring the latest cutting-edge ideas from international writers alongside RSA news.

New Signing!

We warmly welcome Jamie Wignall to the roster! Jamie is a London based illustrator, who’s charming work is inspired by shape, form, colour, and texture!

Business and Management Magazine

Vanessa created these lovely illustrations for the latest edition of Business and Management Magazine, for a feature on measuring working form home productivity.

Nike Fathers Day

Fathers Day campaign for Nike consisting of various product graphics and an animated banner for Nike.com

Fandangoe Whip!

FANDANGOE WHIP repurposes an ice cream van to relive the experience of having an ice cream together, while creating a safe space that acts as a platform for dialogue on grief, loss and our collective mental health in 2021.   It’s a big continuation of The Fandangoe Kids work around grief and smashing taboos, and is designed as a way to bring us all together after we’ve been so separated, for so long, but having gone through so much, together. And, in a change from her usual practice, this project moves!   The Whip be touring some amazing places in the UK, like Blackpool, London, Liverpool, Southend + they need YOU! They’ve been lucky enough to be given a platform on the Mayor of London’s backed Crowdfunder, MAKELONDON, and they would be so grateful if you would take a look, and pledge towards the project, if you feel like you can:   https://www.spacehive.com/fandangoe-whip   You’ll find lots of incentives: handpainted pieces; tailored workshops and site-specific installations across the country. We are keen to make this process a real exchange. And it’s my true belief that we need this work now, more than ever, as we come through, and process, this severely painful and disruptive year. How have we survived lockdown? And how are we processing the grief of all of those we have lost? And how can we do this together?  


Brand new work for Which? – a series of illustrations for the “Recipe for Software Success”.

Paper Magazine

Andrew created these beautiful illustrations for the latest issue of Paper Magazine, for the article about how books transport us to other worlds!

The Economist

Surreal collagist, Albane, illustrates for the latest issue The Economist – What if we have forgotten how to socialise?

Global Goals

Ellice created this series of illustrations for Global Goal, looking at the impact of the fashion industry!


Brighton based illustrator Edward Tuckwell was commissioned by Winkreative London to produce a series of illustrations for the new Swiss development, Altera.


Blok teamed up with Habito to celebrate LGBTQ+ History month and created this vibrant illustration.


Martina collaborated with Tylko on this superb illustration for the organisation specialists!


What sort of a watch should you get when your budget is thousand, 10K or 100 thousand? Check out these drawings Rami did for Hodinkee about that very subject!