None Too Perfect

Oli Frape

Brand new self-initiated series from Oli.
This latest collection of self-initiated works are part of a new style I’ve been developing over the last year or so in my spare time which is both forward looking and a nod to the past.
I’m often experimenting with letter forms and type treatments in my free time, hoping to develop new and unexpected outcomes. I love making crafted script lock-ups and loose, paint-streaked brush marks but I’ve always been very keen to keep moving in new directions and offering alternatives to what we’re all getting used to seeing.
Whilst looking forwards, this new collection also looks back towards where I began – making friendly, colourful, conversational pieces where I get to dream up the phrase as well as drawing the letters. 
I used to have a catchphrase for my work in the past which was ‘none too perfect but charming and honest,’ – Well, now I’m bringing it back!