Q&A with . . .

Andrew Nye

What inspires your work? What designers or artists do you take inspiration from?
I was originally inspired by spray can and airbrush work – I loved the smooth gradients of airbrush and concept work of graffiti artists. Also at the time impressed by vector illustration from design agencies like Airside and Rinzen… who I felt really pushed vector illustration into a more creative and accepted place back in the day.

How do you come up with your creative concepts? What is your creative process like?
I always focus a lot of time on the concept as I find the right idea makes the rest of the job a lot easier – I try to keep the idea simple and fun… If it feels too simple I don’t always throw it away though, because sometimes an idea will grow into something different as I work into it. I’ll build the world around the idea. Usually lots of basic scribbles in sketchbooks, but also going onto the Mac pretty early exploring colours, sometimes jumping back and forth between sketching and Mac. Trial and error is a big part in process!

What is your favourite colour palette?
Pastels with gold right now… I love to explore palettes though, so I keep it fairly open – As long as it’s shiny!

Where is your favourite place to travel or where would you like to travel to most?
I would love to go back to Australia – In particular Melbourne… great coffee shop and art vibes, with friendly people and warm weather! Also fans of black clothing in the sun…tick!

What Coffee table books do you own?
Not so many new books around me these days – Looking about The Art of Airside (of course!), Cabins, The Brand Gap which I was recommended when starting branding. The Complete Books of Charles Fort – historic accounts of weird happenings… Oh yeah and ABC3D – woop pop-up books!

Who do you follow on social media?
Various cats, vector and conceptual illustrators – some fashion designers – Sophia Macks (Beyond the mag) never dissapoints…