Samora Machel

Olly Burn

Check out this new personal project from Olly Burn of gangsters in Capetown, styled by Rusty Beukes.

Rob Alderson, former editor of It’s Nice That, wrote an accompanying written piece on the project:

Beat. Noun. A sound. Part of a rhythm. Beat. Verb. To hit or
strike. Ugly. Urgent. Beat. Noun. The time and area in which a
police officer patrols. Also used in journalism. To understand
your beat is to know its energy. And to sense when that energy
shifts. Beat. Verb. To play. To pulsate. To overcome. It beats me.
To escape or avoid punishment. To beat back. To beat down.
To beat around the bush. To beat on, boats against the current.
Don’t know when you’re beaten. The Jack beats the King. And
the beat goes on. And the beat goes on. And the beat goes on.