Elliott’s motion project Speed, shot in and around London this summer.
Being a runner myself and inspired to shoot all the runners on my street who took up running during the national lockdown I was inspired again to capture a visual journey of a run, that start to finish we all go through whether on the street, trail or track. It’s inspiring to think how many people reacted to running so I hope the film also feels a little inspirational and fun.
As well as the journey I thought about what it actually feels like to be running and how do I represent this? Running is not straight forward and smooth, it’s obstacles and hard work pounding the pavement. As a director my job is to be visual storyteller, I chose to use a continually moving camera, runners are always moving and therefore so should our camera even if it’s subtle. To expand on the breadth of the running experience we follow three different runners in three different environments from start to finish. Trail, street and track. 
In the end I wanted to get straight to the point with my title. Speed. A visual representation of speed.