Fandangoe Whip!

FANDANGOE WHIP repurposes an ice cream van to relive the experience of having an ice cream together, while creating a safe space that acts as a platform for dialogue on grief, loss and our collective mental health in 2021.


It’s a big continuation of The Fandangoe Kids work around grief and smashing taboos, and is designed as a way to bring us all together after we’ve been so separated, for so long, but having gone through so much, together. And, in a change from her usual practice, this project moves!


The Whip be touring some amazing places in the UK, like Blackpool, London, Liverpool, Southend

+ they need YOU!

They’ve been lucky enough to be given a platform on the Mayor of London’s backed Crowdfunder, MAKELONDON, and they would be so grateful if you would take a look, and pledge towards the project, if you feel like you can:


You’ll find lots of incentives: handpainted pieces; tailored workshops and site-specific installations across the country. We are keen to make this process a real exchange. And it’s my true belief that we need this work now, more than ever, as we come through, and process, this severely painful and disruptive year. How have we survived lockdown? And how are we processing the grief of all of those we have lost? And how can we do this together?