LA Gifathon

James spent a month in Los Angeles where he animated a new GIF every day for 30 days inspired by something that happened during his stay.

Tokyo Gifathon

James spent a month in Tokyo where he animated a new GIF every day for 30 days, inspired by something that happened during his stay.

IFC Brand Idents

A series of brand sponsorship idents broadcast on IFC – for Wendy’s, Corona, Subway and Stoli Vodka.


A series of looping animations used online, on TV and out-of-home on outdoor screens throughout the Netherlands.

Mercedes-Benz Christmas GIF

Oli collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to create Christmas themed GIF’s for the holidays, keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


Tom’s recent campaign for Antler, showcasing the brand’s latest collection through comical stills and moving image.


Sam’s recent moving image work, experimenting with caustics – the light rays refracted by a curved surface onto another surface.


Sam’s new personal series Gamma explores how liquid reacts differently at different scales. Surface tension in water only occurs at small scale; past a certain scale it is mathematically impossible, and the only way to force it past this point is to infuse it with other substances like sugar. Gamma is a exploration of our unceasing desire to control our world. 

Made of Pixels

Do you believe in digital? Made Of Pixels is an ongoing body of personal work showcasing live video projection onto bodies with no post production.

Lacoste – Elegance Is Victory

Sam was recently commissioned to shoot a Lacoste feature for a special Instagram series and collectors book ‘A History of Tennis and Elegance’.

Time Slide Soccer

Jean-Yves has been experimenting with moving image in this dynamic stills and film project entitled ‘Time Slide Soccer’, bringing old and new sportsmen together in an innovative way.