Alexander has been documenting the weird and wonderful moments of lockdown. Coronavirus, while a stressful and taxing time, has its surprising silver linings. Slowing down, I was first panicked at the idea of not capturing the outside world with the pace of a street photographer. But then, slowly and with drama, my world — with its details, foibles, and beauty — started to reveal itself to me. I’m thrilled to continue making, grateful for this time to concentrate and savour the overlooked. 


Olly has found himself paying more attention to smaller details, noticing things he wouldn’t have otherwise. Arnold and I take our wee walk around the same block every morning. With this forced routine and restricted access, I’ve been able to watch the growth of spring and we know exactly which houses have cats. I started to notice a proliferation of hoops that I was previously unaware of. Some with the potential to pass an hour, others have seen better days and are now purely decorative. All of these hoops were found within a 1km radius of my front door.


During quarantine not being able to connect with people and work creatively has been a challenge for Marcus. So after two weeks of trying to cope mentally with the new mental space he was in he finally had the idea to try doing a shoot via FaceTime. Marcus has successfully overcome the challenge of not physically being present with a subject but still managing to create images that feel as intimate as they would if he was actually there. The Inspiration truly was creating something in an act of defiance. Everything right now is about what we can’t do, so I just wanted to do something that focused on what we CAN do.


Dan’s contributions to the Stay Home Heroes Campaign in collaboration with the charity HEROES and in direct support of the NHS. The campaign shows our every day lives in lockdown while supporting the NHS heroes on the frontline by staying home.

Anna and Giselle

A beautiful new personal series photographing Anna and Giselle in their home together.

Culture Trip – Talisker

In collaboration with Culture Trip, Paul documented four teams from Germany, USA, UK and Australia as they prepare to take on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. See the full story here.

GQ Magazine

Tom shot for GQ Magazine promoting this seasons newest trends! See full story here.

Stella Artois X Australian Open

Timothy was been flown out to Australia to be one of the 4 artists taking part in the #thelifeartois live drawing project that took place at this years Australian Open!

The Face – DragCon

Alexander shot drag queens for The Face Magazine’s story Inside London’s First DragCon! See the full article here. 

Alex Simone / Monte Carlo

Brand new series of illustrated scenes for luxury perfume brand Alex Simone and the Monte Carlo range.


Alexander documented the weird and wonderful moments of his summer spent in sunny Los Angeles.

Spanish Rock

Dan captured the Rock of Gibraltar and it’s neighbouring Spanish towns in his latest personal series Spanish Rock.

Culture Trip – The Art of London

Ahead of Frieze Week 2019, Alexander collaborated with Culture Trip to document three artists who’s work has been shaped by their experiences of London, and who’s work, in turn, reshapes our understanding of the city. See the full article here. 


Paul continues to document his family in his ongoing personal series.

Hotdogs Francais

Dan’s witty personal project Hotdogs documents a dog show in his local village.


A series of poster illustrations for Société de Bains de Mer, in Monte Carlo.

Harrington Street

On set Tom likes to create a fun, high-energy atmosphere with lots of noise, and movement. His new personal series Harrington street certainly transfers this vibrancy and contagious spirit.

New Artist

Kaja Merle is a cheerful and visually thinking Illustrator living close by Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Right after her love for cappuccino’s and her bike, she has a passion for creating smooth shapes, energetic characters and combining them with a bold colour palette.

Vogue Italia – Yard Sale

Alex conceived and photographed ‘Yard Sale’ for Vogue Italia. The iconic American YARD SALE is a rare, thrilling and mundane thing in which you get to rummage through your neighbour’s discarded props and tools, tastes and dreams. On these Saturdays – sad and inspiring, with rare access into the quirky, detailed lives of others — one hopes and prays it doesn’t rain. – Find the full feature here.