Facebook x Valentine’s

Oli produced a series of phrases for this Valentine’s day in collaboration with Facebook & Agile films.

Another Summer of Love

Set against a backdrop of social distancing and a divisive political climate, Another Summer of Love is a new series of works by hand-lettering artist Oli Frape, celebrating unity, positivity and openness using bold colours and optimistic language from summers past. The Show opens on Friday 28th August, 2020 at the Forum Arcade, Sheffield as part of a new gallery project Artcade by Sidney and Matilda. The show will be open to the public each Saturday throughout September. Weekday viewings will be open to all, but by appointment only. More info available from Oli Frape or please follow @artcadegallery on Instagram.

The Guide

Oli’s cover work for The Guardian Guide was out at the weekend!

None Too Perfect

Brand new self-initiated series from Oli. This latest collection of self-initiated works are part of a new style I’ve been developing over the last year or so in my spare time which is both forward looking and a nod to the past. I’m often experimenting with letter forms and type treatments in my free time, hoping to develop new and unexpected outcomes. I love making crafted script lock-ups and loose, paint-streaked brush marks but I’ve always been very keen to keep moving in new directions and offering alternatives to what we’re all getting used to seeing. Whilst looking forwards, this new collection also looks back towards where I began – making friendly, colourful, conversational pieces where I get to dream up the phrase as well as drawing the letters.  I used to have a catchphrase for my work in the past which was ‘none too perfect but charming and honest,’ – Well, now I’m bringing it back!

Together we’ll be we

This piece is taken from a mural Oli first painted at Sidney and Matilda gallery in Sheffield towards the end of 2019. The theme was about unity following a particularly turbulent period in British politics.  “The sentiment is about right now. About society and how we need to be more united and less divided. We’re all different in our small ways but we must be able to all be together because we’re all here together”


4 Making Pictures illustrator collaborated with @britishredcross to help spread a message of support and solidarity during this difficult time. Please join me in sharing this message and if you need help or want to give help, go to www.redcross.org.uk #PowerOfKindness” – thanks to Cajsa Holgersson, Oli Frape, Timothy Hunt and Yukai Du.

Girl Guiding Magazine

Oli Frape and Luke Brookes have both worked on the latest edition of Girl Guiding Magazine. Oli created the spooky typography on the cover of the magazine. Luke worked on a feature within the magazine, focusing on the leaders within the Girl Guiding community.

Mercedes-Benz Christmas GIF

Oli collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to create Christmas themed GIF’s for the holidays, keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

The Sunday Times x VW

Oli Frape created this typographic overlay for the cover of The Sunday Times in collaboration with Volkswagen.

Fabric Magazine

Oli’s beautifully crafted type for the latest issue of Fabric Magazine. Fabric epitomizes smart north London living – celebrating the people, the place and the lifestyle.

Vigorsol Gum

‘Fresh’ new campaign imagery for the italian gum brand, by our hand-lettering maestro, Oli.

Hiding In Plain Sight

A collection of new, original, hand-lettered works exploring the mundane language of the everyday to make the uninteresting, interesting.