The Observer – Crufts

Dan Burn-Forti

Dan adds to his amazing animal portfolio with these shots from Crufts for the latest copy of The Observer, featuring furry friends pictured with their owners.

“The NEC in Birmingham is a truly grim place for a shoot. But Crufts is there, so NEC it had to be. However, once we’d negotiated the thronging mass of dog-mad Brittania and set up our makeshift studio, all was good. These fine pooches are apparently endangered with less than 100 of each of the poor chaps left.

It’s all labrashihtu’s and cockertreiver’s and what not nowadays and these old fashioned beasts are on the way out. Seems a shame. Personally, I’d have an otter hound although it would be kind of like having a pet bear. But then again, who doesn’t want one of those?”