Where The Buffaloes Roamed

Dan Burn-Forti

Dan’s new personal series captured on a road trip through the northern US states. In his own words:
“Many years ago, before there were kids or dogs or mortgages, my lovely wife and I went on a road trip, from her home town in Alberta to the northern US states of Montana and North and South Dakota. It was amazing. In August this year I found myself back there and figured it would be something to go see these places again and so I headed South to Big Sky Country, Montana
With so many years in between, it was hard to tell if it had changed that much. For sure, Mount Rushmore and it’s nearby towns have become one huge tacky outlet for the selling of a weirdly sanitised version of the Wild West, but for the most part it seemed much the same; endless empty two lane highways, vast fields of wheat, epic scenery and countless tired looking one horse towns, with their uniquely American beauty. The insidious nastiness of these dark Trump days is sadly evident, but despite this, the charm I remembered of this part of the World was still intact and will no doubt live on, long after that orange horror has left the building.”