Dan adventured over to Canada and took this amazing series of photographs. Here’s what he had to say about his eventful trip!

“On our way to Vancouver our Icelandic Air flight gave us a half day stopover in Reykjavik, somewhere I’ve never been.  What a mental treeless, moss covered oddity Iceland seemed to be.  I definitely want to go back again, although I’m not sure I’d rush to that Blue Lagoon thermal spa place too quickly.  Sharing a bath with hundreds of tourists is not really for me.  But the rest of the place looks super.  From there we flew to Vancouver where we met up with the rest of the family and headed into the Rockies.  If you’ve never been, do.  It’s truly epic.  And if trees are your thing, it’s definitely the place for you.  They’ve a lot.  However, the weirdest thing I saw was the biggest pile of sawdust in the World.  Ok, it’s probably not, but it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.  I guess, what with all them trees……

From there we headed to Edmonton, home of Mrs B-F’s family.  Sadly, my trip was cut short by having to come home for work (grrrrrr), but I did manage to squeeze in a visit to Klondike Days, their celebration of the pioneering times that the place was built on.  Have to admit though, I couldn’t see much of that.  It was really just a massive funfair with deep fried everything and not a tree in sight.”

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