Dan Burn-Forti shortlisted for The AOP Awards 2023

Dan Burn-Forti

Dan Burn-Forti has made the final in this years AOP Awards with 3 different entries.

‘Morecambe Bay’.  Finalist in the Environment category.  Taken as part of a jolly nice commission from Neverland and Gala to showcase British stuff whilst on a rain-soaked road trip around Blackpool, the Lakes and Manchester (and some odd places in between), in pursuit of a yellow campervan.  Okay, you probably needed to be there for that sentence to make any sense, but suffice to say Morecambe Bay was lovely and we had some splendid fish and chips.

‘Monument Valley’ – finalist in the Environment category.  I took these last year whilst on a hectic 5 day road trip with my son that took in Yosemite, them giant redwoods (amazing), Death Valley, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, a few no horse towns, lots of tacos and, my personal favourite, Monument Valley.  We arrived for sunrise and took the winding dirt track through it, feeling awed by it’s red-tinged technicolor magnificence and a bit like John Wayne.  Yee haw.

‘Madame Yvette and her favourite chicken’. Finalist in the portrait category.  Madame Yvette is my next door neighbour here in middle of nowhere France.  She talks very fast and I’ve no real idea what she’s saying, but I think it’s mostly about tomatoes, the questionable behaviour of the neighbours and her four chickens.  But I could be wrong.