Essex boy Mark Wright models the best trunks for poolside lounging.

If you’ve never seen an episode of The Only Way Is Essex (or the last season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! … or Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights) you may not know who Mark Wright is.

That means you’re free to appreciate our August swimwear shoot on its own terms: an homage to Sexy Beast, shot in the blistering heat and Technicolor glory of Miami. But if you have seen The Only Way Is Essex…

You’re probably thinking: OMG-doesn’t-Mark-look-reem!?-he’s-obviously-been-putting-in-the-hours-in-the-gym-even-more-than-usual-if-only-the-gang-in-Sugar-Hut-could-see-him-now- bet-Lauren’s-well-jel-even-if-she-is-110-per-cent-over-him-now-but-where’s-Arg?-is-the-bromance-officially-over?-wouldn’t-want-to-see-Arg-in-a-pair-of-micro-shorts-though-even-if-he-is-less-of-a-dough-boy-these-days-what-with-the-marathon-training-at-least-it’s-not-any-of-the-TOWIE-women-they’re-scary-I-bet-Nanny-Pat’s-so-proud.

But like we say, if you’ve never seen it – enjoy the trunks.

“Toms latest shoot for Esquire has just hit the shelves this week. Lucky enough to be flown down to Miami, we shot in a beautiful villa where, being British, we all made the most of the amazing pool! A great shoot with a great guy was topped off with our roadtrip down the Keys which was a real once in a lifetime opportunity. Armed with a waterproof disposable camera and a keen eye for alligators (who were all sadly on holiday that week) we all had a trip we won’t forget.”

Jack (Tom’s assistant)

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