Esquire Magazine – Mark Wright

Tom van Schelven


Essex boy Mark Wright models the best trunks for poolside lounging.

If you’ve never seen an episode of The Only Way Is Essex (or the last season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! … or Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights) you may not know who Mark Wright is.

That means you’re free to appreciate our August swimwear shoot on its own terms: an homage to Sexy Beast, shot in the blistering heat and Technicolor glory of Miami. But if you have seen The Only Way Is Essex…

You’re probably thinking: OMG-doesn’t-Mark-look-reem!?-he’s-obviously-been-putting-in-the-hours-in-the-gym-even-more-than-usual-if-only-the-gang-in-Sugar-Hut-could-see-him-now- bet-Lauren’s-well-jel-even-if-she-is-110-per-cent-over-him-now-but-where’s-Arg?-is-the-bromance-officially-over?-wouldn’t-want-to-see-Arg-in-a-pair-of-micro-shorts-though-even-if-he-is-less-of-a-dough-boy-these-days-what-with-the-marathon-training-at-least-it’s-not-any-of-the-TOWIE-women-they’re-scary-I-bet-Nanny-Pat’s-so-proud.

But like we say, if you’ve never seen it – enjoy the trunks.

“Toms latest shoot for Esquire has just hit the shelves this week. Lucky enough to be flown down to Miami, we shot in a beautiful villa where, being British, we all made the most of the amazing pool! A great shoot with a great guy was topped off with our roadtrip down the Keys which was a real once in a lifetime opportunity. Armed with a waterproof disposable camera and a keen eye for alligators (who were all sadly on holiday that week) we all had a trip we won’t forget.”

Jack (Tom’s assistant)