Dan headed out to shoot around Europe, here’s what he has to say..

“In June I had a rather hectic shoot for Wired Magazine that took me to four cities – Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm – in four days.  We probably spent more time in the airports than the cities, but I was still able to get a good feel for them.  I’d never been to Stockholm before, but what a fantastic place.  Beautiful buildings, people, weather (well, on the day we were there anyway).  I think it might be my favourite European city now.  Although, having said that, I’d forgotten how great Amsterdam is, and what nice, laid back people its full of.  Berlin was brilliant and manic, whereas Paris was just a teeny weeny bit dull.  Familiarity I guess.  But it’s all just so, well, Parisian.  Wow, look at that, a Brit being rude about the French.  Plus ça change.” – Dan Burn-Forti