Check out some of Dan’s snaps from his recent trip to Germany!

Here’s what he had to say about his trip: “I had to go to Berlin for work and realised that I’d hardly ever seen anything else of this vast country, so decided to drive there in a meandering, long winded kind of a way.  Except for a half hour stop in Dusseldorf (where, as I stepped out of my car to take some pictures of the sun setting over the Rhine, I stood in an impressive dog turd) my German Tour really began in Munster.  From there I headed north on the B roads via here there and everywhere, including the industrial beast that is Hamburg, the unfortunately named village of Hilter, the misty marvel Timmendorfer Strand and the epic Schwerin.  I finished in Berlin but realised I’d only really scratched the surface of the place.  What I saw was some lovely countryside and cities like machines where everyone wears puffer jackets and eats bratwurst, but I know there’s so much more to see.  Next time I’m thinking Black Forest and Bavaria and all that gemütlich malarkey.”