Next Insurance

Maggie Shannon

Next Insurance sent Maggie on a week-long shoot profiling small businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area.

In Maggies’ own words – ‘It’s something very close to my heart as the daughter of a small business owner! Especially after this past year, lifting up these owners and hearing their personal stories was incredibly special. All of the people I met on this shoot were inspiring, including a surfer/baker/father in Pacifica who talked so passionately about everything from his dough to the types of ovens he used. We also met a vintage shop owner who took us downstairs to show us a really amazing vintage clothing collection. I was able to share in their excitement and passion, and it was a thrill to bring that to the photographs. Also, taking a quick break because John DeSerio at the Benvenue Children’s House made me and my entire team laugh too hard as he read us a children’s book was quite a highlight!

It was amazing to pull back the curtain at each business. I felt like I was getting the inside scoop, being able to go down the stairs into the backroom at Le Beau Market in San Francisco to see the boxes and groceries all lined up and ready to be restocked. Or a chef at Plow illustrate how to fry the perfect egg (a couple of times so I could catch that perfect egg flip!). This shoot brought so many of my passions together and it was a joy to work on!’