Dan Burn-Forti shot this fantastic editorial for The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine documenting The Pole Dancing Championships.

Dan explains his experiences:

“This was definitely not what I expected it to be.  Pole Sports is not pole dancing.  Well, actually, apart from the addition of clothing, I couldn’t really see what the difference was.  But the organisers were at pains to point out that it was a serious sport, with Olympic aspirations, not some sleazy strip joint activity.  Kind of looked at first like ladies dancing with a pole to me, but what do I know.  Having said that, there were plenty of seniors, children and men competing, so it was a good job they’d added clothes and dropped the writhing about, otherwise i’m not sure I’d have of known where to look.”

The Pole Dancing Championships for The Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine.

Dan Burn-Forti

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