Tenha Orgulho

Kamila K Stanley

A teaser from Kamila’s new personal series documenting the LGBTQIA+ community in Brazil.

“I began shooting “Tenha Orgulho”; which translates as “Take Pride”. For four years I traveled around Brazil photographing the lives of my queer friends, recording audio testimonies, hand-painting banners which we hung in public spaces, and filming a short video.

Tehna Orgulho portrays a community which is both completely disarmed and utterly disarming. Their resistance is silent yet deafening: to love in the time of hate.”

Kamila won the Prix SAIF Woman Photographer Award 2023 and La Bourse du Talent award with this project.

Tenha Orgulho will be exhibited at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, in December.